Schneider Electric

Lead the digital transformation of energy management and automation in your data center, infrastructure, and industry.

With a global presence in more than 100 countries, Schneider is the leader in power management: medium voltage, low voltage and safe energy, and in automation systems. It provides integrated efficiency solutions, combining energy, automation and software.

MTNET—Schneider Electric PARTNERSHIP

MTNET’s world-class consulting partner for Schneider Electric for more than 10 years, makes it possible for IoT-enabled solutions to connect, collect, analyze, and act seamlessly in real time, providing security, efficiency, reliability, and improved sustainability.

Offer/Solutions together

We have Schneider Electric, energy protection solutions for data centers and industrial environments.

  • Cooling: Air containment and distribution, Air conditioning units for tightly coupled cooling , air conditioning units, coolers.
  • Safety and environmentalcontrol: sensors, cameras, licenses, accessories, security cameras and safety and environmental control devices.
  • Racks of computer components and accessories: LCD monitors, switches, racks and shelves.
  • Prefabricated data center modules
  • Data centersoftware: monitoring and control, data dashboard, efficiency operation, capacity, changes, data center optimization.

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