Services for the Hospital Sector

Today, traveling has no limits, the current tourist has become an updated user and with high demand for modern and automated services.

Delivering IT infrastructure that involves online connectivity and communication can be the deciding factor in choosing between the competition.

Transforming your business into a smart hotel is possible through MTnet’s thenological innovation. Build a greater connection with your customer through personalized services that allow you to take better advantage of your destination and your facilities. Improve your staff’s coordination with solutions to process and transmit data; care for safety to prevent accidents; and above all, it enables infrastructure to create a digital experience that allows your guests to return again and again.

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IT solutions

Connectivity and entertainment

  • Room automation
  • High-performance data networks
  • Gaming zones

Information management

  • Hybrid cloud platforms
  • Virtual infrastructure and storage
  • Physical infrastructure for data centers

Safe environment

  • Physical security systems
  • Data Protection
  • IT Infrastructure

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